Here’s what our guests say about their experiences with us:

“Special Shout out goes to our Canyoneering Tour Guides for making our “Adventure of all Adventures” an awesome one!”
Denise Marie Cabilan

Aia Comment

“Hike, trek, slide, cross streams, rappel, JUMP, JUMP, JUMP. So worth it! We conquered fear!!! 7m/10m cliff-dive!”Aia


“I had so much fun with this group! Met new friends and conquered my fear of heights! CHEERS to that amigos and amigas!”         Rosemarie Cris Flores


“Because of the strong rapids, I lost my left shoe. The guides tried to search for it but to no avail, it was #forevergone. I’m still happy that Mike offered his running shoes so I can withstand the long trek. Very friendly and reliable guides, I must say! Million thanks to Highland Adventures!”Charmaine Acha

“Most affordable and they have pioneering guides. Definitely the best adventure out there! Yoyoy, our guide didnt only keep us safe but also entertained us with all his jokes and actions and everything. We had the best summer adventure ever! We will be back soon! ♥” – Geraldine Ybañez Licayan

“You should try this canyoneering adventure in Cebu.”Christine Manigos Rebacca

“Amazing!”Mikkel Juhl

“Thank you!!!!!”Brie Faye

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9 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Cheryl Taniza

    The most unforgettable adventure! I was able to conquer my fear!. Thumbs up to Highland Adventures for having an amazing team of guides!

  2. Rica

    For those who are hesitant to try the Badian canyoneering, better get their services as they will bring a big bag full of PATIENCE!! Thanks guys for the awesome experience!

  3. Jenn Villar

    Must have been a realization of one of the water adventure! Awesome and Fear Conquering!
    Thank you Kuya Mike and friends for bringing us to safety! (lol) Bucket list ticked!


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